TIFD Board President’s Report

At the last board meeting held on May 20, 2017, the board approved the rules for several committees, and created a new one that will be developed more during the coming months: the Safety Committee!

Genevieve Kent has graciously accepted the challenge of chairing this committee during its development, but she cannot do it alone. Many board members are interested in seeing that this committee bloom into a well-oiled machine, and the board plans to stay involved.

Members are invited to volunteer to help with training, communicating with our member groups, and having a committee presence at every TIFD sponsored events. You can do this by joining the committee! Please email Genevieve Kent at, safety@tifd.org

I feel it is necessary to add that there has been, before now, an unsaid expectation that every member group and event is already maintaining certain safety standards based, at the very least, on their facility’s rules.

Over time, the Safety Committee will develop paperwork to help support these rules, which should allow for a way to effectively communicate any needs that will make our dancing environment safer. Until then, I would like every group’s officials and event committee to begin a narrative about what, “safety,” means to you as individuals, and what it means for your gatherings. Perhaps there are simple adjustments and precautions that you can implement now.

The next board meeting will take place in Austin, Texas on August 26th. Please email board@tifd.org if you plan to attend.