Party Themes

Texas Camp is known for its nightly theme parties. We love to dress up in both traditional folk costumes and silly theme garb and decorate our dance hall for the occasion. Even though we are all dancing in our own living rooms, we can still get into the spirit with imaginative costumes and by decorating our dance spaces.

Thursday – 2020: A Cyberspace Oddity

Get ready to network on the virtual dance floor. Whether you’re into sci fi or computer sci, the costume choices are as limitless as (cyber)space itself! Decoration choices range from computer cable modern to stars in the night sky. We’ll start the evening with a costume parade, so don’t forget to dress up!

Friday – Balkan Blowout

Ajde! Don your favorite Balkan costume and be prepared to dance the night away to pravos, horos, kolos and râčenitsas, as well as other international folk dance favorites. Hang colorful Balkan aprons, opanci or Balkan maps on the wall to decorate your space and transport you to the Balkans.

Saturday – Greek Taverna

Dim the room, hang your twinkle lights and break out the ouzo. Wear a Greek costume or your basic black night club wear. Opa!