Texas Camp 2017

by John Clement

2017 marked the 70th Texas Camp. The first one was in Feb. 1949, and the second at Thanksgiving 1949. The second camp established the tradition of having camp over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Some very popular teachers, Sonia Dion and Christian Florescu for Romanian dances, and Richard Powers with partner Melissa Enge for vintage dances, made the camp a fun time.

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President’s Report from the August 26, 2017 Board Meeting

Submitted by Sara Talbot, President

Six members out of the eight TIFD board members met in Austin, Texas on August 26th, 2017 – one day, in a string of the worst days, in the history of the Coast of Texas…

During my officer report, I let everyone know that one of our board members recently resigned from his position. Garry Karner will not be able to continue his duties on the board or as the Vice President of the board. We wish him luck in all of his future endeavors!

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September 2017 TIFD Safety News

By Genevieve Kent, TIFD Safety Committee Chair

On September 9th seventeen people from eleven different dance groups (including TIFD affiliates) came together for a training at SAFE in Austin. The theme was sexual harassment and how to respond to reports of it in a dance group. The training was part of a pilot program to help various groups around Austin learn how to recognize and address instances of harassment within their organization. The training was free of charge and was referred to me by Austin Swing Syndicate, who previously attended the training.

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