Texas Camp 2020 Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we the TIFD Board have made the painful decision to cancel a physical Texas Camp for 2020. The health and well-being of our dancers is our top priority. Given the physically-close nature of folk-dancing and the likelihood of a second wave of coronavirus this fall, we felt it would be impossible to hold a camp that would be both safe and successful.

We may not be able to meet physically for camp this year; however, we can still celebrate with our TIFD community! The board is eagerly exploring options for a free Virtual Texas Camp 2020 – and this is where you can help. We would love your feedback about what you would like to see featured in our online events.

Please share your thoughts by completing our survey and sending it to camp2020@tifd.org by Monday, July 6.  The survey is fillable and available to download as a PDF (or as a Word document).

Although Texas Camp will be different this year, with your help it can still be an event that brings us together. Thank you!

Texas Camp Teacher Trivia, part II

Did you know?

  • Tineke van Geel has been visiting Armenia, the country of her dance specialization, since 1985?
  • Maurits van Geel has researched and taught Appalachian clogging?
  • Andy Taylor-Blennis was certified in Scottish Country Dance at age 17?
  • Ricky Munoz began his dance training at the Instituto Cultural Mexicano at the age of 5?