News from the Board

The Texas International Folkdance (TIFD) Board met February 24.  On the agenda were a wrap-up of Texas Camp 2017, working on building the member base, assigning officer positions for 2018, and more.

  • Lisa Horn Dietman, co-chair of the Thanksgiving 2017 Camp presented a wrap-up summary relative to the camp. The report indicated that the camp was a success and on the whole enjoyed by those who attended.
  • The board adopted a action plan to work on building the membership base and outreach to member groups.
  • Genevieve Kent, Chair of the TIFD Safety Committee. She reported that the TIFD SC was instrumental in addressing successfully a number of incidents that occurred at Camp. Some concerns relative to safety issues that may surface in the future were raised by Ms. Kent. The board adopted an action plan to address these relative to the upcoming 2018 Camp.
  • Officer’s positions were assigned for the coming year. The following individuals will serve in the following positions respectively: Holly Plotner, secretary, Georgia Horn, treasurer, Rosie Lee Salinas, president and Sarah Wendtlandt, vice-president. In addition Bruce Bsotwick will serve as database chair and Holly Ploltner as chair of the Audio Video Committee.
  • Work assignments were made relative to planning the 2018 Texas Thanksgiving Camp
  • A policy was put in place relative to the Alcohol use at camp with the aim to follow the legal requirements relative to drinking age. An agreement was reached on how to deal with any incident that may occur.