But wait, there’s more…


Texas Camp is famous for fun nightly parties! Many campers get in the spirit by sporting beautiful, clever or hilarious costumes to express each night’s theme.  Care to know this year’s party themes?

This year’s parties are:

Enchantment Under the Seven Seas

At evening’s high tide, we’ll get along swimmingly as we join the rest of the school — fish, that is — on the dance, er, sea floor. If it’s under the ocean, it’s at the top of the list as a costume idea. Come out of your shell and shine. Fins and scales and sunken treasure tales, that’s what this party is made of!

Seven Shades of Romania

Folk dancers are nothing if not colorful, right? Let’s paint the town with the full spectrum of hues from the the brilliant Romanian rainbow. Don your embroidered ethnic best, dress head to toe in your favorite color, or heck — wear them all. Roy G. Biv, baby!*
(*red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Lucky Seven Casino

Hey, all you vintage guys and dolls, the casino is open! Glamour and danger glitter in the air. Risk a game of chance, or ask your baby for a dance. Gangsters, movie stars, gold diggers, spies, rum-runners and royalty all rub shoulders here, puttin’ on the Ritz in
their finest fancy duds from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. Roll up in your Rolls, roll down your stockings and roll the dice. It’s swell!