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11/8 Update

74th Texas Camp ~  Live over Zoom!

70th John Filcich Kolo Festival ~ Live On-Site!

Michael Ginsburg ~ Steve Kotansky

Ahmet & Evren ~ Sonia & Cristian

Thursday’s program, exclusively over Zoom, will feature live, hour long sessions with:

Jaap Leegwater ~ Roo Lester ~ Yannis and Simos Konstantinou

Bata Marčetić ~ Tom Bozigian & Sheree King ~ Yves Moreau ~ Joe Graziosi

Music staff, assembled from both Texas and California, includes:

Don Weeda ~ Shirley Johnson

John Morovich ~ Bill Cope ~ Maria Bebelekova ~ Michele Simon

All Texas Camp sessions will be over Zoom! Zoom participants will be able to view selected parts of the on-site program, and we will project portions of the Zoom program in the on-site Kafana.

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