About TIFD

TIFD (Texas International Folk Dancers) is a non-profit educational organization which supports folk dancing and related folk arts in Texas and surrounding states. Since the 1950s, TIFD has run its annual folk dance camp over Thanksgiving weekend, one of the longest-running and best-beloved folk dance camps in the U.S. TIFD supports local groups in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico with a small-grant program intended to help promote special events related to folk music and folk dance. Over the years, TIFD has helped to fund numerous workshops and concerts through this program.

TIFD Board of Directors

  • Augie Gaona, President
  • Jack Alley
  • Bruce Bostwick
  • Augie Gaona
  • Dee McCandless
  • Georgia Horn, Treasurer
  • David Liang
  • Holly Plotner
  • Kathleen McDonagh, Secretary

Do you need to reach a board member? You can email them at board@tifd.org. Have some news to share with our membership? Email editor@tifd.org

Ex Officio Members

  • TIFD Acting Membership Chair: Georgia Horn
  • TIFD Registered Agent: Mike Revesz
  • TIFD Recognition Chair: Elaine Moczygemba

All-Star Team

Talent, dedication, dependability, perseverance, striving for excellence, a spirit of coop- eration, integrity, a passion for the activity… Who, in your dance community exhibits these attributes? To whom are you grateful? Who could you simply not dance without? Nominate them for TIFD’s All-Star Team. Visit our All-Star Team page for more information and to fill out a nomination form.

Are you interested in serving on the TIFD board of directors?

Members wishing to run for TIFD Board should print out a copy of the TIFD Board of Trustees Filing Petition, fill it out, and send it to the TIFD Election Chair, PO Box 4516, Austin, TX 78765

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

TIFD’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are also available for download as a PDF document. (This document requires Adobe Reader software to view).

Code of Conduct

TIFD is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dance experience for everyone. Please click here to view our Code of Conduct.