2022 Covid Policy


Below is the Covid-19 policy for our 2022 Texas Camp. We put this policy together to adhere to the regulations and requirements set by our venue, Greene Family Camp, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as our experiences and feedback obtained from various dance camps, festivals, and tours that have been put on around the world during 2022.

First, we are excited to be presenting an in-person Camp, after 2 years of online only. We’re looking forward to a fun-filled Camp, with lots of dancing, music, and other activities.  It will be great to reconnect with old friends and find new friends among the many first time Campers.

We realize that our policies may not appear positive to everybody, but we are committed to taking necessary precautions to create a safe environment during Camp, while knowing that cases may occur regardless of our efforts.   We also acknowledge that conditions may change between now and November, and we will change our policies accordingly.


  • All Campers must be fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Proof of vaccination must be submitted prior to camp.

    • Submit via email to registrar@tifd.org upon receipt of your confirmation email.
    • If you’re not comfortable emailing a copy of your vaccination card, we will set up a Zoom call with you. At that video call, you can show us  your information.
    • Texas Camp will not retain any vaccination records received as a part of camper registration.

  • DO NOT COME TO CAMP if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the 5 days prior to Camp or have symptoms of Covid-19 withing the 5 days prior to Camp.
  • We advise everyone to take a PCR test 3 days prior, or or antigen test immediately before traveling to Camp. We would be very sad if you came to Camp without testing, then tested positive at registration, and had to immediately leave Camp.


  • Masks will be required to be worn.
  • Everyone will be required to wear a well-fitting N95, KN95, or KF94 mask in all dance classes, indoor activities, and all other events. The only exceptions are:
    • Dance teachers will not be required to be masked when they are teaching in the center of the dance floors, but will be required to be masked if they are dancing with other attendees.
    • Band members who cannot wear a mask and play their instruments (e.g., woodwinds, vocals, etc.).
    • When you are eating at meals.
  • Seating will be more spread out at meals than we are accustomed to.

Please be sure to bring a sufficient number of masks with you to Camp.  We will have a small supply of KN95 masks available for your emergency use while at Camp.


Upon arrival at Camp, everyone will be required to perform an antigen self-test prior to checking in at the registration desk, using a test kit that we supply.  A designated testing area will be clearly marked.

Once you receive a negative test, you will be provided with a wristband that will then allow you to access the registration area and the other areas utilized by Camp.  Keep in mind that if your test is positive, you will be asked to return home.  If you cannot immediately return home, we will work with you to find suitable accommodations for a 5-day isolation period, per the CDC’s current guidance.  These requirements may change due to changes in Greene Family Camp policies or federal guidance.


We request that all Campers bring sufficient supplies to self-test during Camp.

Each camper will be required to self-test, with a buddy, on the Saturday morning during camp. Report the results (we’ll provide a form) at the registration table before lunchtime. At camp we will announce procedures for positive test results.

If you feel ill during Camp, you will be required to immediately contact a Camp Co-Chair or Safety Officer. Contact information will be posted outside of the Main Hall.


We request that once you arrive at Camp, you stay until the end. If you leave the campgrounds for any reason, you will not be readmitted to Camp.


If within ten days of attending Camp you come down with Covid, we ask that you contact us at board@tifd.org.


Test kits may be obtained from local pharmacies and online suppliers. Should you forget to bring them, a limited number of kits will be available for purchase from the Camp Sales desk.

Masks can be purchased from any local pharmacy and online suppliers. We like n95project.org as a reliable place to buy masks.