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                                                                            Remembering Yves Moreau



from the TIFD community:

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, cherished teacher, and ambassador of Bulgarian culture, Yves Moreau. Yves introduced our dance community to so many wonderful dances, and it was a joy to watch him teach. Yves was a frequent teacher at Texas Camp, and we were especially fortunate to have Yves and his wife France Bourque-Moreau join us this past Thanksgiving for our 75th camp.

Thank you, Yves, for all the knowledge, style, and humor you brought to our dance floor! Our hearts are with you and all who love you!

from Yves’ Facebook page:

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Yves Moreau has left us on September 8, 2023. He left peacefully, surrounded by his family and his sweet wife France.

Our hearts are heavy and the void will be huge but we take comfort in knowing he’s no longer suffering and can rest now. We also cherish all of the wonderful moments we were fortunate to share by his side.

Yves has had such an exciting and rich life, filled with discoveries, travel, extraordinary adventures, but most of all, deep relationships he has forged around the world through his love of dance and folk music. Those sincere friendships and the passion he has imparted to so many will live on him for a long time.

Renowned specialist in Bulgarian folklore, he has made the culture of this country known and loved around the world for 60 years. Bulgaria loses one of its great ambassadors.

We’ll keep on living as he did: staying curious, open to the world, and enjoying all that life has to offer. As he himself said on his 75th birthday last June: “The important thing is to be surrounded by people we love and, if possible, keep dancing!”

Thank you for being a part of her life and for supporting her through this difficult time.

  • France, Francis, Catherine and Marie-Hélène

There are many remembrances of Yves on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/yves.moreau.566

Biography from Yves’ website: http://www.bourque-moreau.com/yves_moreau_-_short_biograp.html

Yves at Texas Camp

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