2023 Party Themes


Thursday – Toys & Games
Hey, doll face! GI Joe and Raggedy Ann invite you to Pokemon around in your favorite fun stuff. Pogo ahead and raid the toy box, the Xbox, and that box of well-worn board games. It’s your turn to Go Fish for costume ideas. Time to level up, take a Risk, and tell us your best Toy Story.

Friday – The Black & White Ball
Dark and light/on this night/we’ll etch the hall in black and white. Wear whatever you want, be whoever you wish – but only in these two elegant, opposite shades. Borrow the drama that made icons of pandas, piano keys, and Rick’s Bar in Casablanca — cast yourself as a classic, too!

Saturday – A Trip To the Balkans
All aboard for an epic journey! Travel with us from Croatia to Turkey, from Romania to Greece, from Slovenia to Bulgaria and beyond, and marvel at the colorful textiles, rich harmonies and stirring dance rhythms unique to the folk traditions of the Balkans. Ajde, let’s dance!