2023 Housing


All housing at Greene Family Camp has central heating and air conditioning. There are two housing types:

Basic camp housing is in duplex dorms. Each has six twin bunk beds on each side, with a shared bath between. Most campers sleep on the lower bunks, and stow gear up top.

Private Rooms with Private Baths
Each private room sleeps up to two campers, and has a private bath. There is an extra fee of $100 for single occupancy, or $50 per person for double occupancy. Beds may be twin or queen size – let us know if you have a preference, and we’ll try to accommodate it.

NOTE: Private housing units are available to families at no extra fee, but only until October 15. Families are defined as one or more adults with one or more children age 16 or younger. After October 15, families will be assigned to family dorms (two large bedrooms, with a shared bath between).