2023 Covid Protocols


Testing — COVID testing and wristbands will be required again this year before entry into camp. Attendees must test once upon arrival, and again with a buddy first thing Saturday morning.

TIFD will oversee the first test, and provide test kits for it. Campers must provide sufficient unexpired kits for their own Saturday self-test. Negative test results from expired kits will not be
honored. As in 2022, campers will self-test first thing Saturday morning, using the buddy system and signed affidavits. Any camper who tests positive will be required to leave camp at that time (see refund note below).

We urge everyone to test before leaving home, and to forgo attending camp if they feel unwell; we don’t want you to have to about-face once you’ve traveled all the way to camp!

No-questions-asked refunds — In a suspension of our normal cancellation policy due to COVID-19, registrants who do not attend camp will receive full refunds of their registration fees, less their TIFD membership fees. Attendees who test positive on Saturday, and must therefore immediately depart camp, will receive prorated refunds, less their membership fees.

Masking — Wearing a mask is highly encouraged but not required this year. Please provide your own masks. We suggest N95 masks.

Vaccination – Proof of vaccination is not required this year. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest that all Texas Camp attendees be vaccinated within the previous six months. (Note: if federally approved, an updated Covid-19 vaccine may be released in mid-September, targeting the new Omicron sub-variant XBB.1.5.)

Remaining on the grounds – To protect everyone’s safety, we ask all campers to remain on the Greene Family Camp grounds for the duration of camp, and forgo any trips to town.

These protocols may change – At the discretion of the TIFD Board of Directors, these protocols may change, should changes in public health circumstances and/or federal government guidance emerge between now and camp. As camp approaches, please check back here for updates. You attend Texas Camp 2023 at your own risk.