Added Attractions


Special Curriculum
Don’t miss Roberto Bagnoli’s fascinating culture session, or Joan Bennett’s mini-workshops: one on teaching folk dance, and one on presenting great programs as a folk-dance DJ. It’s always a good time to learn something new!

Singing Classes
All are welcome here, where novice and expert singers come together to master folk songs old and new, explore vocal styles from around the globe, and share what they’ve learned in an informal performance that always brings smiles.

Camp Band
Texas Camp has a strong live-music tradition. Musicians are welcome and encouraged to play in our friendly Camp Band during evening dance parties. Tell us when you register that you’ll join the band – we will get in touch to help you prepare.

Expert Local DJs
Music at parties also includes beloved recorded tunes, spun by experienced DJs. Want to be considered for a turn at the programmer’s helm? Or recommend someone? Please alert our party programming coordinator (

Contra Dance Session
Long lines and hands four for a rollicking whirl of contra sets! Lively jigs and reels provided by our fun pick-up band.

The Bruceville Roadhouse
Club and couple dancing from Texas and other planets! Grab a partner, snag a cold drink, and join our boot-scootin’ bunch for a honky-tonk good time.

Sprung Wood Dance Floor
Our custom-built floor is famously comfortable. We now use hired labor to install and store it away. To the volunteer “floor elves” who valiantly handled this huge task for many years, TIFD offers heartfelt thanks – you are big stars in Texas Camp history!

Dance Review Digital Download
TIFD produces a review video of the teachers demonstrating the dances taught at camp. Pre-order during registration, or place an order while you’re with us. We’ll send a download link after camp.