2023 About Texas Camp


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Texas Camp, held each Thanksgiving weekend, is one of the longest-running and best-loved international folk dance camps in the U.S. The setting is Greene Family Camp, a modern facility in the scenic hill-country of Central Texas. Texas Camp offers a unique opportunity to join in a celebration of music and dance from all over the world in an informal and supportive atmosphere.

In addition to dance instruction — provided by world-class instructors each year — we offer singing classes, folklore presentations, hearty ethnic cuisine, a host of special-interest dance sessions, and incredible evening parties with live and recorded music. Musicians are always welcome at Texas Camp, and are encouraged to join our friendly camp band which performs at parties each evening.

We hope you will join us for a wonderful holiday experience full of dancing, feasting, fellowship, music and fun.

Additional attractions

  • Enjoy wonderful ethnic cuisine made from traditional recipes
  • Texas Camp features a strong live-music tradition: the versatile Texas Camp Band, and other local bands will also perform.
  • Beautiful sprung wooden dance floor

COVID-19 protocols

The TIFD board may change the following protocols pending changes in public health circumstances and/or federal government guidance that may emerge between now and Camp.

Testing — COVID self-testing and wristbands will be required again this year before entry into Camp. Attendees must test once upon arrival, and again using the buddy system first thing Saturday morning. Campers must provide sufficient unexpired test kits for themselves. Negative test results from expired kits will not be honored. We also again ask attendees to test before leaving home; we really don’t want you to have to about-face once you’ve driven for miles, or flown!

No-questions-asked refund policy — In a suspension of our normal cancellation policy due to COVID-19, registrants who do not attend Camp will receive a full refund, less their TIFD membership fee. Attendees testing positive on Saturday who must then depart from Camp will receive a prorated refund, less their membership fee.

Masking — Wearing a mask is highly encouraged but not required this year. Please provide your own masks.

Complete COVID policy details, including vaccination policy, will be forthcoming once determined.