2021 Zoom Parties



Thursday Night – Opening Texa-Kolo Party

Texas Camp and Kolo Festival will join forces for a fabulous and unique opening party which will start shortly after Michael’s dance class.  Seven of our favorite dance teachers will each have 1 hour to lead dances, including some short walk-throughs. Our guest teachers are Jaap Leegwater, Yannis & Simos Konstantinou, Tom Bozigian, Bata Marčetić, Roo Lester, Yves Moreau, and Joe Graziosi.

And there’s more! An After-Party will follow, featuring dance leaders from around the country.

Texas Camp Parties

Nightly parties feature live music from local Texas bands, and Dance Leaders Zooming in from their homes with recorded music.

Party themes and costumes are a long standing tradition at Texas Camp. Join the fun!

Friday Night – SUPER HEROES! 

Channel your inner Wonder Woman or Batman! Or perhaps honor your personal heroes like mom or dad, or the nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, delivery people who helped us through the past year.


Dress up as your favorite movie character in a DANCING themed movie. From Saturday Night Fever to Flashdance to Singing in the Rain – anything goes. Fred and Ginger, anyone?